Mangalyaan is world's cheapest Mars mission

As Mangalyaan successfully entered the Mars orbit on Wednesday, India not only became the first country to reach Mars on its maiden attempt, but also spent the least amount of money to do it.

Narendra Modi had earlier remarked that the mission is cheaper than Hollywood movie "Gravity", which cost $100 million to make.

At approximately Rs 450 crore or around $75 million, the cost of the mission was only about one-tenth of the $670 million Nasa spent on its Maven explorer.

European space agency's 2003 Mars express orbiter had cost about $386 million. Another exploration mission by Japanese, which failed to enter the Red Planet's orbit, had cost more than double than that of Mangalyaan. Russia's Phobos-Grunt which failed to leave the earth's orbit cost about $117 million.

India has been particularly proud that MOM was developed with homegrown technology.

Meanwhile, Isro's scientists are already planning new missions, including putting a rover on the Moon. But space agency chief K Radhakrishnan said their main focus would be to continue developing technologies for commercial and navigational satellite applications.

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